Corporate Video or Animation: What it is and what it benefits?

Video is an excellent way of communicating

A corporate video or animation is an excellent way of communicating with clients, customers, staff, service users and in general anyone you need to communicate with. When done properly, whether it is for marketing, explaining or training your business will find no better way to get your message across than using video or animation.

There are many unanswered questions you may have before you want to commit to producing a marketing video for business or marketing animation for business. How do you know what the best approach for your business might be? Our advice would be not to rush in, take your time and think about why you want a video or animation and what you want to use it for. It will help to set goals and put strategies in place with a clear focus on what the video or animation should achieve.

Budget is always another major consideration

How much does a video production for business or animation for business cost to produce?

This is similar to asking how long is a piece of string. There are so many variables that it is impossible to give a one size fits all answer.  This is why we like to spend time finding out what is right for you and what your individual business needs might be. One major way to reduce consts on video production may be that you can produce some content yourself. Moovii can offer training and advice in setting up YouTube channels and best practice when presenting to camera. A mixture of personalised in house video production and professional corporate video production can work very well spread across various digital and social channels.

Moovii Video Production Success Story: Videos for Angus Council Fostering and Adoption

Moovii recently produced a series of 12 videos for Angus Council Fostering and Adoption. We worked closely with the team to find out exactly what they wanted from the videos and what they hoped to achieve. The videos were intended to increase awareness of Fostering and Adoption within Angus and boost enquiries from people who might be interested in Fostering and Adoption. Together we decided we would work closely with families involved in Fostering Adoption and share their stories. We filmed the families in their home environments and captured their individual stories. These videos were then edited to different lengths to suit the medium they were intended for and were pushed out via social media and online. The response was fantastic and enquiries and awareness of fostering and Adoption in Angus increased dramatically. This was a real success story of how video and animation can be used to significantly boost profile and awareness when done properly.

About Moovii

Moovii are an exciting corporate video production, animation production  and marketing company based in Dundee, Scotland. As a production company producing the best corporate videos and the best animated videos for business we would love to hear from you. We work closely with many local, national and international clients producing business videos, explanatory videos, company videos, corporate videos, promotional videos, marketing videos for business, video production for business.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to ask any questions, have a chat or just find out more about what we do. We believe in the importance of building relationships and are happy to spend time helping you choose the best options for your business and whether or not video and animation is something you should or should not consider.


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