3 Things You Must Know About Video Marketing


Nowadays it’s assumed that every company should create video to engage their audience as it is spoken throughout the land of marketing. By 2019, Video will represent over 80% of all Internet traffic according to a new study from Cisco.

Video Content is King, Distribution is Queen & Strategy is the Jester.

Let’s walk through the above line so we can layout what Video Strategy really is.

Video Content is King and for each company it varies, but here’s some examples:




Up-selling points;

Industry News;

Customer Testimonials;

Conference/Networking Events;

The company Cat’s latest activities..



As you can imagine this isn’t a new phenomenon just look at who we’ve helped in the past here. The trick is to Know your Brand; meaning know the message, the narrative and style that will hook your audience. Then you can move onto the next stage.

Distribution is Queen




The internet is vast with 40% of the world active and with 1.8bn websites Live and counting (source: Internet Live Stats). It’s difficult to figure out where to distribute your video AND more importantly HOW to connect with your target audience. Yet, thankfully there are guides to help you minimise time-consuming quests to narrow down your potential damsels customer whereabouts.

While the King & Queen sit in cool silence you find there’s always need for a Jester in the courtroom.

Strategy is the Jester.


This one is the trickster in the midst, the one that upholds their audience’s engagement but underneath is a basis of strategy; taking their customer on an unravelling journey. Simply, the Jester has to interweave different objectives sown into the show, enticing the audience to repeatedly return for their service.

Now I shall halt at all these analogies or my head be chopped off…




The truth is that so many businesses out there do not follow the harmony of the King, Queen & Jester. In fact, the practice of investing in single overly, expensive videos followed by a broad audience release is very common. No doubt, it does bring thee an absolutely satisfying amount of views/likes/shares but it comes down to a short term ROI leaving most with little budget for the aftermath of adoring fans.


From our research and 15 years experience in this game, the longbow (i’m off again) really is the most efficient weapon in this day and age of content saturation. By creating a series of shorter, more concise videos that lead the customer through a continuous journey down the sales pipeline (Awareness / Consideration / Decision). Each video can be directed to their niche audience within the broad target range, ultimately serving a highly personalised experience for your customer. At each stage of your video strategy the right metrics should be measured for your intended KPI establishing a more trusted ROI all round (the knights table).  


To the cavalry I cheer you to video ‘viral’ fame-hood or welcome you to the haven of the Video Strategy era.

God Rest Ye Merry Marketers!


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